Teaching Chinese in K-12 Schools in the U.S.

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Student Enrollment

Material 100

"我们教中文为外语的很重要一点就是 connection,你如果把学生给connect住了...他知道这个老师特别花时间问问他其他学科的状况,他还是会来上你的选修课。"– Mark

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Material 94

"...a lot of Chinese program are shutting down right now, and especially 孔子学院 shut down and that’s affecting money."– Bridget

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Material 95

"除了中文你还有Spanish还有French还有别的language在一个department每年我都在担心enrollment。"– Helen

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Material 96

"我们要是想扩大enrollment我还要去初中做这个promotion,我就去跟那个做销售的一样。"– Helen

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Material 99

"自己可以再拿到另外一个credential or authorization,不要让自己只能教中文。"– Mark

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