Teaching Chinese in K-12 Schools in the U.S.

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Native Chinese Teachers

Material 60

" I think students in China are just trained from such an early age to just be quiet in class, and not talk to your neighbor and focus. And that’s fine because that’s how they grew up. But in America, they are not trained like that starting from elementary school." – Bridget

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Material 63

"I have some of the native speaker parents, who talk negatively about me at home to their kids because they think that my class should be harder, and I should be more like a Chinese teacher." – Nina

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Material 64

" I think the most important thing if you're a non-native American coming here, is that you have to understand how the American school system works and you have to understand how American kids are, in that they are not raised like kids in China." – Nina

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Material 72

"I kinda didn’t talk about being non-native teacher, but that’s also been a challenge for me, and sometimes I feel being left out or people don’t believe that I’m a Chinese teacher."– Bridget

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