Teaching Chinese in K-12 Schools in the U.S.

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Differentiated Instruction

Material 24

" It’s a lot to juggle. I want them all to have a good experience and learn things at their level, but that just might not be possible with such mixed classes. I feel like it’s kind of an impossible task." – Bridget

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Material 3

“你不仅是学语言,你还是帮助学生发展成为一个完整的人的一种教学理念。” – Yuanyuan Zheng

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Material 5

“很多小孩子kindergarten的时候也有很大的行为问题。” – Jiali He

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Material 9

"你要跟家长聊天,跟他了解这个学生的 background,family background,以及他的 learning style……“ – Lan Zhang

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