Teaching Chinese in K-12 Schools in the U.S.

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Material 67

"最近这一年多(由于)新冠对亚洲人的这种仇视,就很少有人会说起。但是我觉得我自己也做的不够,因为我是唯一的中国老师(……)虽然人微,但是言不能轻。"– Mandy

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Material 68

"我们学校(同事)白人居多(……)没有什么其他的弱势群体。"– Qian Hua

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Material 69

"他们都到自己的教室里面去吃午饭…所以这其实是一个microaggression因为他嫌弃你吃中餐。"– Yao Liu

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Material 70

"如果我只讲这个Asian, anti-Asian的东西,你其他black, brown的学生他们的死活我都不管的话,那其实是非常不公平的。"– Yao Liu

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Material 79

"there might be something that is a cultural topic or a racist topic that gets brought up and I like to jump on that and talk about that."– Nina

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Material 81

"我就说 so if anyone一定要 encounter being discriminated because of this, I would take care of this。"– Mark

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