Teaching Chinese in K-12 Schools in the U.S.

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Grades 9-12
Public school

Material 94

Our program, we don’t have AP, we just have Level Five, which I said it was so, I mean, it’s like Intermediate Low or Intermediate Mid, it’s really really low level. And we don’t try to push the students for AP because our program is like very slow, and very easy. Sometimes I feel like we should make it more challenging, but I mean, that’s how we keep our enrollment so high. It’s difficult, I think a lot of high school at the administration is like pushing for AP and I’ve told my administration multiple times like, please do not push us to have AP because that will kill our program. umm, coz Level One and Two are the requirements, to graduate from high school in California. If you make those easy, then people would take Level Three. But if you make Level One and Two really difficult like just no one would take the classes. (…. …) I don’t know. That’s a big problem in the nation in general. My school we just don’t have AP, so we don’t have that problem. But a lot of Chinese program are shutting down right now, and especially 孔子学院 shut down and that’s affecting money. (Bridget, Interview)