Teaching Chinese in K-12 Schools in the U.S.

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Grades 9-12
Public school

Material 92

When I don’t speak Chinese for a week or two I really feel like my Chinese language abilities personally start to decline. Every year I tell myself that I’m going to get a Chinese tutor or commit to studying Chinese one or two hours per weekend on my own, but that really doesn’t happen. Teaching is so incredibly time-consuming. And I do like lesson planning and working on my teaching plans, but when I’m tired I often just want to watch English media and read English books. So then I feel a lot of imposter syndrome and I feel really bad about my abilities as a teacher because I feel like if I ever need to teach an AP level class or a more advanced level class I may not be able to do it. I probably could, but I would just need more preparation and possibly help grading essays. I know my Chinese is not bad, but I have a lot of self doubt because it’s not as good as I want it to be. (Bridget, Journal)