Teaching Chinese in K-12 Schools in the U.S.

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Grades 9-12
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Material 79

Because our school again, 90% or more, you know, are white and I feel it's really hard for those students. So, um, there are times well, there might be something that is a cultural topic or a racist topic that gets brought up and I like to jump on that and talk about that. And in fact, I have a running joke that I have trouble telling white girls apart. Because we have a lot of students in our class, who are just like just a Caucasian girl with long brown hair. And I have trouble telling them apart sometimes, because you get so many of them every year. And that's like one thing will always joke, because the joke is it's hard to tell Asians apart. But like I don't I can tell them apart, but like I have to move with all the white girls in my classes. And they’re all similar names. Um, but, so no I mean we, we do I feel like the kids, who are in my classes, they're very lighthearted about it and things do come up. Um… but yeah… I just I call people out on it. And… and we don't allow those type of jokes and I often bring it back to life. And bring it back to life with my (Asian) husband, because you know, he faces not horrible discrimination but we feel discrimination, you know, when we're out and about in society. I often tell them stories, you know like, if we go shopping anywhere we go, the salesperson always talks to me first and I… it gets me so angry because it's like, he's a very strong personality and I'm like very like call background person. And I'm just like, I don't like being addressed. I want you to talk to him. So a lot of times we go shopping, I’ll just like… like… look around play with my kids, like I forced the people to talk, my husband first. And so I mean I think that they see some different cultural perspectives than that they wouldn't see. Um if you just kind of like hush and don't talk about it. No, Like I bring it into the classroom and I talk to people about it. (Nina, Interview)